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Bird Nest Boxes – are our PVC ones any good?

  • Using PVC materials prevents rotting and disease.
  • Smooth surface makes cleaning easy.
  • Attractive circular design similar to wooden log.
  • PVC materials are long lasting.
  • A variety of sizes are available.
  • Aluminium base will not rust.
  • Aluminium base is curved in so the eggs sit in the middle.
  • Rats and mice are unable to climb into boxes.
  • Mounted boxes designed for trees.
  • Disassembles for easy maintenance.
  • The wire on the inside of the box allows the bird to easily climb in and out of the box.
  • Convenient door allows easy inspection of base of the box.


  • I can recommend these to anyone starting up an aviary or looking to replace their old nest boxes.

  • Well built, easy to clean, will definitely buy more.

  • Great idea, my birds took to them straight away!

  • Very cool nest boxes.

  • I have been trying these nest boxes for 3 years and haven't had any problems, looking to buy more soon.

  • Love the inspection hole, love the boxes, well worth the money.