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How I came up with the idea of PVC nest boxes

With my wooden boxes I always had to replace the boxes because:
– Birds kept chewing them.
– The boxes rotted away.
– Mice could easily climb in.
– The cost was high for replacing these boxes.

So then I decided to try using PVC for their logs but still with a wooden base, lid and perch. This did not change much because the birds were still chewing the wood. I then kept the PVC log but used an aluminum lid and base. I added a ladder (made from heavy gauge wire) on the inside that came out of the box as a perch. This enabled the birds to easily climb in and out of the boxes and sit on the perch. I also added an aluminum ring around the hole of the box so the bird could not chew it.

There is an inspection hole towards the bottom of the box so we can see what’s happening at the bottom of the box when there are young babies. The boxes are easy to dismantle, wash, disinfect and put back together. The boxes can be used over and over again on different birds. These boxes have been trialed and tested for over three years. These boxes are lightweight and easy to handle in comparison the wooden boxes.

I have had a very successful rate of breeding. After having both wooden and PVC boxes in my aviary, the birds have left the wooden boxes and chosen the PVC boxes.

My PVC nest boxes come with mount bolts and are ready to hang up. The PVC boxes come in different sizes.

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