Outdoor Bird PVC Nest Box, 370mm x 225mm


Almost fully waterproof, the only place water can get in from is through the bird hole.
Suitable for crimson wings, lorikeets, minor parrots, ringnecks, red rumps, regent parrots, mallee parrots, port lincoln parrots,  princess parrots, red capped parrots, superb parrots, all types of rosella’s and medium sized birds.
Birds Hole: 75mm, 90mm.
370mm in Height and 225mm in Diameter.
Inspection Hole 120mm.

Mount screws included. Mount, bird hole and inspection hole can be on any side to suit.

For any other alterations, please call 0411 209 748 to discuss it further.


Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions225 × 250 × 370 mm
8 front of outdoor pvc nest box for minor parrots 225mm x 370mm
Outdoor Bird PVC Nest Box, 370mm x 225mm